Paschim Tara Nepal demands prompt and fair investigation

Banke (Pahichan) March 30- Paschim Tara Nepal has claimed that police arrested a person who has no connection in the suspicious death of a homosexual people.

The organization said police has failed to establish truth and accuracy but detaining transgender persons in connect to the case. Chairman of Paschhim Tara Nepal Parina Chaudhary said police has misbehaved the persons involved in the organization taking into custody on the basis of written information provided by Blue Diamond Society.

She said police has not found the reality but they are giving tortures taking people into custody.  Gita Malla is facing a public offence case lodged by police. Two weeks ago, Banke Police has found dead body of Sarita Shahi in her apartment. Paschim Tara Nepal, an organization working for the welfare of homosexual and transgender said Sartia committed a suicide.

Police has failed to investigate whether it is a murder or suicide. Police has said that investigation is underway regarding the Gita’s possible involvement in case.

Meanwhile, The Paschim Nepal has said that two sides were involved in the harsh exchange of words two weeks ago at a public place of Nepalgunj.  The organization said without proper investigation, police is detaining the persons involved in society. The organisation said two staffs of two sides involved in misbehaving each other, police is arresting without finding the accuracy.

Paschim Nepal has also informed the Blue Diamond Society about it, and also demanded to investigate the case and take strong action against the culprit. The organisation has entrusted Lok Bahadur Shahi to look the cases lodged under Public Offence Act.