People of this community should come forward : Gurung

Kathmandu/Pahichan – Sanieeb(Pinky) Gurung is the chairperson of Blue Diamond Society(BDS). Being one of the founder members of BDS since 2001, she has been active politically since one and a half year. She is an active central secretariat member of Naya Shakti Party. Fighting for identity and rights, Everest talks with Pinky Gurung.

What do you have to say about Naya Shakti party’s placement of you in proportionate?

This is joyful. Marginalized groups like us have been given candidacy. Isn’t this progressive? I have been active in the party since its establishment. There are a lot of political parties in Nepal. None of them raised our issues or gave our party candidacy. We are happy about this.

Politicians have had to do “Ghar dailo” to get the tickets, what did you do?

There is always the relation of “Give and Take”. Just because someone is affiliated to political parties, it does not mean they easily get opportunity. This opportunity is just the result of my effort I have done in one and a half year being involved in the party. I had always involved many other LGBTI community members since the establishment of this party. I think the party has respected our effort here.  If I had not done my effort, I don’t think the party would just gaze at our faces and give this opportunity. I did not face to face talk about this with Baburam Bhattarai. I sent him an email about why LGBTi participation and inclusion is necessary. I wrote about two long emails on LGBTI empowerment and participation. I guess, this affected him.

Didn’t you wish to be come in direct elections?

Yes, I was requested to take part in direct election from the central committee. I am not alone in Naya Shakti Party; there are a lot of LGBTI. I asked their suggestions. As per their suggestion, I went to proportionate. Then I put forth this decision to the central member and things were done accordingly.

What do you think about election results? You will get seats according to total votes of party in proportionate?

There were a lot of problems during local elections. First of all, we had not got election symbol. We are hopeful this election and I am convinced that everything shall work properly. With the eagerness of winning, we can get a satisfying result. It is a challenge to deal with the big political parties in UML, Congress and Maoist centers in the country. However, the new power has brought an end to the country and the people in the path of economic prosperity by bringing political change with new ideology, we must go ahead as positive thinking. Even today the concept of “Threshold” has hampered.

What are your agendas?

Different schemes have been fixed in our seven states. The Announcement of Naya Shakti has mentioned the issues of gender and gender minority communities. Whereas in the Nepalese society our community is forced to live as a product of malnutrition due to the lack of legal recognition to equitable marriage, which ensures education and employment. The relationship between the opponent and the family is pressured by confusing the freedom of liberty, right of liberty. These things are causing huge damage to personal, social and financial life. We have put in an agreements declaration of how to make legal recognition of homosexuality by interfering it. It’s important to us. It does not seem like any other political party has been mentioned in the declaration.

Furthermore, there are things that bring the plans ahead of development and bring the country towards the prosperity of the country. The constitution has been obtained by Nepali people. However, the Constitution is not complete. There are many things to improve. Due to the formation of the constitution, the country should go to economic prosperity. Nepal is still unable to make economic prosperity due to political instability, unhealthy political competition, corruption and country and people due to corruption. Economic prosperity should be the main agency for the benefit of the entire marginalized class.

Is this just an election speech or will you really implement them?

The task of completing these agenda is necessary to do by party. If I am elected in the Parliament, if I am in power, I will raise this subject in another party and in the house, because the many intellectuals have not been sensitive about this issue. They are not practically practiced. The state-run and leadership does not find the issue of community like an open heart to us. If raised, they are afraid to be critical. Our community’s issue has been analyzed with ‘sex’, focused on it. We are in very exploited, harassed class than other communities in Nepal. Other Dalit, Women, Rights rights have been somewhat secured comparatively. Other communities in various political rights and social campaigns are coming forward, but our issue has only begun. It is our aim to establish this campaign in a broad way by establishing this issue politically and socially and how to incorporate it into policy-building level, increase the capacity of community. It is difficult to raise the issue without our inclusion and engagement in the state’s harbor.

There are people of all communities in the corner of the country; they have become educational, financially capable, alert to the right and alert. It is my responsibility to build a position that can raise up your voice and defend, defend itself, proudly raise the issue in society. My lonely attempt does not have everything. It requires great support from my community friends, not only in communities but to bring this theme to the mainstream. The state should take responsibility not only for our subjects.

It means not being able to raise your issues has also been a part of your fault?

The root of the problem is somewhere inside itself. People of the community are also required to come forward. However, the legal basis is very important, for social change. If we were discriminated, we needed some legal rights. It is important to be in a political campaign for legal rights.

Is that the reason of you in politics?

It is very important that we bring political consciousness to social community with social awareness because Nepalese are not interested in politics while in others nations, communities which are involved in politics have their issues addressed. This is the reason of coming in politics. The political parties are taking advantage of the fact that they are not entitled to say about LGBTI. Without political authority, it is difficult to move ahead. Women, Dalit’s rights have raised their issue as a political issue. Our issues also should be taken politically. It is also necessary for our community to show keen interest and interest to continue the political campaign.