People say : Social attitude towards this community changing  


Ambika Dahal/Lalitpur (Pahichan) March 20 – Social change towards gender and sexual minority is gradually becoming positive. This happened due to the struggle done by this by committee to bring attitude a change. The name and fame of Blue Diamond Society is also spreading.

Bina Kharel, a resident from Patan claimed that though members of this community faced  discrimination, there is gradual change in the society. According to her, there was a situation when members of this community used to fear to come out with their identity.

Now they are disclosing their identity. “People used to abuse this community in the street when they seen in the street. The uneducated people used to do so.

The society is gradually becoming literate which has helped to change attitude,” said Kharel.

Sunta Shahi of Lalitpur also shared same opinion saying that she knows the works of Blue Diamond Society. “Members of this community should not be discriminated for their exclusive identity,” Kharel said. There may be different opinion for the separate gestures but they should be treated in an equal way.