People’s elected representative shows lack of sincerity towards LGBTI  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 2 – Your people make a noise in the night and disturb us. So it is necessary to caution them. Yes, I know our people make noise and we are asking them not to do so . But they have not disturb to anyone. It is injustice to beat anyone who was walking in the street, please observe the situation in the night. Our friends have maintained restraint which i have seen. 

This is a conversation between Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung and newly elected chair of ward no 2 of Kathmandu Municipality Rajendra Shrestha . Shrestha also gave a remark that they would expel transgender from Lazimpat area.

Gurung demanded alternative space where members of this community could live if they expel from Lazimpat. When Gurung explained the plights of this community, Shrestha remained silent for some period of time. Shrestha also warned that if any action is taken against Sagar Thapa, resident of Lazimpat, would encircle the police office.

When Police Official Krishna Bahadur Palli Magar tried to make a reconcilation, members of gender and sexual minority threatened to stage a sit-in program. Members of this community said that they have not done any harms to the members of this community and debate between members of this community and police lasted for two hours.

Police was mulling over for lathicharge but members of this community continued to protests demanding the justice. Due to the hard words of ward chairman, Gurung asked the members of this community to present their demands. DSP Thapa requested to lodge the complain disclosing the reasons of taking action.

After a long time, members of this community were agreed to lodge a complaint. Police should not beat any innocent individuals and elected representatives should not undermine the members of this community. Similarly, members of this community should maintain restraint and remain within a boundary.