Personal Feelings and Learning Experiences at Blue Diamond Society

Zulekha Khan/pahichan-As a human being, we should be able to develop an attitude within  ourselves and society through positive attitude. Every day the trainee has been developing and learning  the visualization which has helped her to feel the real sufferings and problems of the society.

The trainee feels that the problems can be suppressed by the proper involvement of every citizen with a true mankind.  I personally feel great to work with BDS which has been advocating and  improving   the situation of the marginalized group of people termed  as “Third Gender”.

I truly respect what BDS has been doing for them.  I personally feel great to work as a trainee at BDS which has been providing  different opportunities to work in this field and get to know the true scenario of the third gender in our society.

Needless to say, the trainee is pretty excited to recall reforms but I feel that Government has to act effectively in  the concern towards Third Gender.  Therefore, the trainee feels good to be at BDS and develop oneself intellectually throughout this whole block placement experience.