Pink Tiffany premieres at Kimff to rave reviews

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 18 – Meghna Lama’s brother had just passed away when she came out to her parents as a transgender woman. Her identity became the cause of family and social turmoil and she had to regularly face harassment from the Police, who were quick to accuse her of being a sex worker–– but this happened in the distant year of 2010. Since winning Miss Pink in 2010, Meghna has managed to become a successful model and is the owner of Pink Tiffany, a restaurant in Thamel.

Meghna’s life is the subject matter of a movie which was screened at the ongoing Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival on Saturday. Pink Tiffany brings to the screen Meghna’s unapologetic life, and like a lot of South Asian women, Meghna harbours dreams of a Bollywood-esque wedding where she will arrive in a chariot and her husband will land in a helicopter. The audience at the firm’s premiere, including actress Nisha Adhikari and Singer Ani Chyoing Drolma, saluted Meghna for being a role model for many, and congratulated the filmmakers Miranda Morton Yap and Sophie Dia Pegrum for bringing a tale of triumph from the transgender community to the screen.

For the filmmakers, this is their second movie that has appeared in Kathmandu’s film festival circuit. Before Pink Tiffany, Yap and Pegrum also showcased their movie Daughters of the Curved Moon at Film South Asia. The filmmakers were elated by the audience’s response at Kimff, and said that encountering Meghna was a happy accident. “I was editing Daughters of the Curved Moon, and I would see Meghna from the window of the room where was I holed up editing,” said Pegrum, the director of the movie. The duo eventually decided to approach Meghna  for a chat, but upon meeting her they decided to make the movie. Given Meghna ‘s open nature they were able to start filming from the day they met her.

The film also depicted the apprehensions of Meghna’s parents, who have accepted Mehgna as a daughter, but with their own reservations. After the screening, several audience members spoke to Meghna’s parents and congratulated them for giving birth to a courageous daughter. The film has also been one of audience’s favourites in the festival, looks set to be a strong contender for the Audience Choice Award.

Jaalgedi (A Curious Girl) by Rajesh Prasad Khatri, which was also screened on Saturday, emerged as a competitor for Pink Tiffany for the same award. Jaalgedi tells the story of a young girl in the hills of mid-western Nepal who is responsible for grazing the bull owned by the Chief of the village. To the wonder of Jaalgedi, a foreigner passes through her village and leaves behind a straw. The young girl’s fascination with the straw makes her forget her responsibilities, which brings about unintended consequences. Produced by Min Bhadur Bham, the film premiered at Bhusan International Film Festival, and was equally liked by the Kathmandu audience.

Kimff 2017 will conclude on December 18.

Copy : Kathmandu Post