Pinky presents several facts to prove how religion and cultures have accepted LGBTI

Kavre (Pahichan) December 3 – Chairman of Blue Diamond Society (BDS) Pinky Gurung has presented several facts and figure to prove how Hindu religion and other cultures have accepted homosexual and transgender. She also came up with facts how the existence of this community was figured out in religion and ancient sculpture, epic and other religious culture.  

Speaking at a Media Sanitization Program organized by BDS Gurung further added that even the countries that do not accept religions accepted the existence of this community but it took time in Nepal to accept it. Now, there is constitutional guarantee of the rights of this community.

“Many journalists have a general understanding about this community but there is a need of in-depth understanding. The training aims to impart detail knowledge to journalist about this community,” Gurung said adding that the sexuality of this community differs in different people. She said understanding of one people is not sufficient to understand the whole community.

He said as Hindu religion remains a prime religion and it has accepted gender and sexual minority. “In the initial days there were charges that there is no existence of homosexual and transgender in Nepal. It was regarded as a copy of western culture. The Adharneshwor, Ramayan, Shikhandi and Maruni dances are some examples to prove that this community was accepted,” said Gurung.

“In the Ramayan, third trend has been mentioned. On the basis of same, we established our identity,” said Gurung. She presented in details on how our religion has accepted this community. She also mentioned about Swasthani stories in long details including the proposal made by Bhasmasur.

Pinky also presented other several examples to prove that how culture has assimilated this community. “In Nepal, male dance in women’s appearance and dress this means society has accepted this community. Even in marriage ceremony, women dance in male’s dress,” said Gurung. She said heterosexual male and female give birth to transgender.  “Until and unless the relation between male and female remains, there will be continuous birth of transgender,” Gurung said.

Speaking in the program, Former Chairman of Federation of Nepalese Journalist Shiva Gaunle said all people in the society are equal. Advocate Sujan Panta said there is delay in formulating same-sex law which is unfortunate. Transgender rights activist Bhakti Shah, Rights activist Babi Tamang, homosexual male Bisoraj Adhikari, Inter-sex Basanta Kadayat, and homosexual female Apekshya Dahal presented their views. Adhikari informed that Mr. Gay Handsome will take place on December 21. Before that, there is LBT visibility program.