PM Nepal mentions gender and sexual minority in his address

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 20 – “The new constitution has not discriminated Tharu, Madhesi, Muslim, children, senior citizen, farmer, labor and gender and sexual minority,” Prime Minister KP Oli said in his address to country. “However, there are rumors that constitution has denied rights,” said Oli.

Article-18The executive head of the country, for the first time, has mentioned gender and sexual minority in their address to nation. He mentioned this following the constitutional provisions regarding the special rights and arrangements for the gender and sexual minority.

Earlier, six constitutions did not mentioned rights of gender and sexual minority.  Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinki Gurung, soon after entering at the office of Blue Diamond Society said, “Did you list PM’s address?, in reply Deputy Executive Director Parshuram Rai, “ PM spoke  about our community,” Rai said. Gurung said people would gradually know about this community. Gurung said formulating laws are the major challenges for her community. Rai said it is the responsibility of lawmakers to make laws.