PMO told to ensure voting on LGBTI

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 18 – Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers has been told to draw support in UN voting while the selection of LGBTI independent experts. Though there was already a voting on the same matter and it selected a Vitit Montra as an expert some African countries demanded re-voting citing some technical language problems.

There will be voting on Monday night. Nepal has stayed neutral in the previous voting. Blue Diamond Society has drawn the attention of government saying that it has given a negative message while remaining neutral.

UN has formed an independent expert to study the violation of human rights against this community. However, some African countries who are not positive about the rights of this community have voted against it. DBS Chairman Pinky Gurung and Executive Director Manisha Dhakal reached the PM office and requested to ensure the participation of Nepal in the voting.

The article 12 of the constitution has ensured the right of citizenship as per the identity. Similarly, there are the provisions of proportional representation of this community in state mechanism. The BDS team met Ramesh Dhakal of PMO, who is looking after the human rights and gender empowerment section.

They requested to ensure the participation of Nepali mission. Gurung expressed the objection saying that it is not necessary to press though it is constitutionally guaranteed rights. Society submitted a letter asking to ensure the participation. Similarly, Society has also requested National Human Rights to ensure the participation.