Police arrests transgender on ‘fake charges’

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 1 – Metropolitan Police Range Maharajgunj has arrested two transgender. Transgender Shila and Chanchali were arrested when they went to meet their friend Karuna Nepal.  “I was eating food and they were having a chat. Police arrested and took them in a police vehicle,” Karuna said. Karuna said they have been denied to meet their friends.

 Police official Bisomani Pokhrel said they arrested 23 sex workers and two transgender from a hotel when they were found in an objectionable situation.

Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Pokhrel said investigation is underway and has sought additional time to keep them under custody as per Public Offence Act.

Karuna, who is working in Dhangadi Chapter of Blue Diamond Society, though other women were arrested in the objectionable situation, transgender were arrested when they are talking with her.

Chairman of BDS Pinky Gurung said it is objectionable to arrest transgender without any solid evidences of breaching laws. Pinky said it is against the international provisions of human rights.

Gurung said transgender were arrested when they went to meet their friends.  Gurung condemned the attacks saying that members of this community are facing fake charges. Chief District Officer Ram Krishna Subedi said there is no legal provision of arrest on the basis of being transgender. “I will ask concerned agencies about the basis of their arrest. There should not be bias to anyone,” Subedi said.