Police cautions house owner not to remove tenants

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 4 – Nepal police has cautioned a house owner who padlocked the room of homosexuals and transgender after April 25 earthquake.  Babukaji, a house owner of Lazimpat who is known as Machakaji tried to remove tenants who are renting rooms in his house since six years.

Police called him at Durbarmarg police office on Wednesday after he padlocked the room. DSP Ramesh Basnet it is a responsibility police to provide assistance to all the people affected from earthquake including homosexuals and transgender.

He said house owners should not padlock in rooms at a when people are in need of assistances. Machakji said he padlocked in the room after homosexuals and transgender did not pay on time. He said that he is ready to abide by law and he will inform 35 days before if he plans to remove tenants in the future.  He committed of not taking additional rent charges, not to forcefully padlock in the rooms, and not to use abusive words targeting homosexuals and transgender.

There has been agreement to pay rent fees within June 15 and house owners would not assault the homosexual and transgender. Police official Deepak Giri said it would be better if both sides stay with reconciliation. He said police is committed to take action anyone who breaches the law. He urged house owners not to increase the rent fee haphazardly. He urged homosexuals and transgender not to undertake any activities that would breach rights of other people.  On Tuesday, police has reached in House to request both sides for the reconciliation.

However, as house owner and homosexuals\ transgender engaged in quarrel police called both sides in Durbarmarg. Transgender rights activists Muskan KC said they reached out to police office as they could not tolerate repeated injustice to them. They have lodged an application demanding justice to them.