Police found stolen idols but our media found third gender as criminal

Rukshana Kapali/ Pahichan – How this this third gender word even relevant in this news?  First of all, let me clear. I don’t support the use of word “third gender” for trans people. That’s a different issue for now.

But, when a heterosexual male commits a crime, does the news headline come “Rape committed by a heterosexual male”?

News are really sensitive issues. It guides society. News readers are not always the liberals. Conservative, backward thinkers, sheep-minded people are read news.

I mean to say, it was not nece15555098_10211125269477183_466384363_nssary to assert “third gender” term in this headline. Because the impact to readers might be different.

Lets say a trans person gave 5lakhs contribution for a good purpose. Then when we put headlines as “Transgender person donates 5 lakhs”, it would be significant, as it provides positive impression about trans in a transphobic society.

But I have really never seen headlines like “A Brahmin man discriminated dalits”; news are like “Saptari resident discriminates on base of caste”. I have never read news like, “Heterosexual men raped”.

But news like “Dalit stole money”; “Black money found in Tamang’s residence”; “Transgender terrorism in Thamel” are more common to see. Why is media so biased?