Police pledges to provide full-proof security to homosexuals, transgender

Kathmandu(pahichan) April 9- Police has said that it is searching the person who is involved in thrashing the transgender Jenisha Gurung. Gurung has suffered a head injury after an unidentified man attacked on Chaitra 17, 2071. She is undergoing treatment in Bir Hospital following the assistance from Police. The people involved in the attack have also stolen the mobile set.

“The people had come in my apartment with a purpose of stealing my all valuable property”, Jenisha said, “After I refused to give him key of cupboard and shouted, he went out through window.”  She complained that after her identity has become public, people have begun to verbally abuse her using defamatory words.

Due to the security reasons, four transgender people faced difficulties to go their apartment on Chaitra 17, and police provided security to them. Police has collected the information which has reached the apartment with the representatives of Blue Diamond Society and Jenisha.

There has also been agreement between transgender and local people to help each other and not to use any abusive words against each other, according to Parsuram Rai, Human Rights Chief of Blue Diamond Society. A resident of Asan earlier has warned to arrest if homosexuals and transgender live in the area. Following the threat, they had demanded the security with the police. The people, however, denied the charges saying that he help to arrest the person who was involved in trashing the Jenisha.

Police Official Hari Bahadur Basnet said homosexuals and transgender have basic human rights to walk freely. “They have the rights to live peacefully in the rented apartment,” Basnet said adding that police will take action against the people involved in thrashing the Jenisha.  He said people have no rights to create to thrash and create barrier to walk from one place to another.

Dilip Rai who is also known as Mohini is currently in custody who thrashed transgender Anil Sherpa. Legal Advisor of Blue Diamond Society Sujan Panta said Chairman Pinki Gurung would not tolerate any activities against the law in the society.