Prabasi Ko Saath- Mobile Application

Kathmandu/Pahichan – The Prabasi ko Saath Financial Calculator Application has been developed as a financial calculator to give migrant workers the financial literacy tool, safe migration messages and important messages about the destination countries. Based on the current situation where the migrants are not aware about the processes and are experiencing exploitation, the application has been developed with the input of returnee and potential migrants.

The application is divided into pre-employment, pre-departure and while abroad component. The elements are inter-connected and the costs are carried forward to the next level for reference for comparative analysis. This then enables migrants to do a financial analysis, prepare for the migration costs involved and consider how they can manage the costs of migrating and what they can anticipate in terms of possible financial benefits.

The application includes the details of Government approved skill development centers, manpower agencies, health institutes, insurance companies, remittance agencies, orientation centers and details that are necessary for the migration process. The application features cost analysis, where migrants can do comparative analysis with actual income and  costs, and anticipated expenses and helps them in their financial decision making process, while they are abroad.

The development of the application considered the situation of migrant, as well as migrants’ needs and rights to information about the processes of migration and how to safely migrate. As a result, links to government websites, hotlines and other information are built in the design. The technical partner of the application is AMNIL Technologies. The application is developed in two languages, Nepali and English .The application is available in IOS, Android and web version. The application can be accessed through the website