Provide as basic human rights, says LBT community

Lalitpur (Pahichan) May 19 – Members of sexual and gender minorities have complained that they are still denied from basic unalienable human rights. Speaking at a program organized by Mitini Nepal with a slogan of Alliance for Solidarity they said they are denied from them basic human rights.

Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal said as rights of this community have been mentioned in the constitution, it should be taken as a fortunate. She said that many countries are denied from celebrating the day. “The implementation of rights mentioned in the constitution, however, is very weak,” said Dhakal. She said Supreme Court order on citizenship on the basis of gender identity remains unsettled.

Sanjaya Sharma, Deputy Program Coordinator of Diwa Project of BDS said they should get the rights of same-sex marriage. He said they are like human and their rights must be protected. “We should not disclose our identity, we must open our identity, all people must speak to resolve the problem,” said Sharma.

Transgender male Nattu Shah said she was born as female and wishes to marry with female. She said her life is entirely different from the lives of other people. Shah said as her family has already accepted her, she does not have any fear with society.

Sarita KC, General Secretary of Mitini Nepal said their first identity to introduce with all the people. She said  they are receiving the support from all people and they will get such support in the coming days as well.