Pun’s  inspiring two-decade long struggle

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 18 – From speech and dress, everyone would say he is a boy. The body structure also indicates the same. However, he wants to introduce himself with a girl name. In the last 16 years, Toran Pun is struggling to introduce himself as a girl in the society and it has been a big battle for him. Pun is a lovely son of her mother, a good husband for wise wife and a lovely father for his son and daughter. Pun is known as Sabhayeta.

People easily does not believe when he wants to introduce as a female.  Why he is happy to introduce as fullbottom queen  or Sabhayeta ? Toran says that his many characters are like female . He had to wait for four-decade to transform from Toran Pun to Sabhayata or from male identity to female identity.

In the childhood days, he was attracted to the dress of women and other cosmetic items.  “I used to feel shy with my relatives and seniors. It was very difficult to live with relatives, and I used to stay inside the room when some relatives used to visit my home,” he said.  Friends used to tease and undermine him for his girl like character. The close-door was a source of inspiration and there was a confidence of earning name and fame which drove him\her to study. This also inspired him to study.

He knew about his sexuality after turning to 14\15 years. After turning to teenage, he could have been attracted with female but he was attracted with boys. However, society has not ready to accept this new gender orientation.

In 2002, when many male came with female program to attend the program, Pun decided to disclose the identity. Pun introduced himself as Sabhayeta.  “Since 16 years, I am seeking a sex partner in male get up. I am not a transgender, I am a homosexual,” Pun said. Pun was married with a girl at the age of 19 following social norms and customs.

It was Pun’s compulsion to marry with girl to respect the society and female because members of this community frequently face such problems. His marriage life is happy and united. It has been more than 20 years since he married. He, however, has some happy moments spent with homosexual friends while staying in hostel.

Pun receives a different type of satisfaction when he lives with homosexual friends. Pun being a homosexual has not faced by problem in the society.  He is equally responsible with his wife and it is his compulsion to maintain a relation with wife. Pun’s wife is known about his separate sexual orientation and he fears that if his wife knows it could create problems. He is very aware that these things could hurt his wife.

Pun said that as members of this community are facing a lot of problems, he is struggling to establish their rights. “Even the educated people are discriminating this community. People who are illiterate can not speak. We are normal man like male and female. It is my duty to raise the problems of this community,” Pun said. He said the struggle that began in 2001 is yielding some fruits. “As country has already embraced the federal structure. State should make all arrangement for us,” Pun said.  Pun said that members of this community should get space in the all state organs.

Pun shared that members of this community are facing a lot of problem in the society. This is one reason, Pun left his study without completing it. Pun is advocating for the rights of this community through Blue Diamond Society.

The office of Blue Diamond Society is located at Dhumbarahai, kathmandu and there are branches in 43 cities of 37 districts. Pun is working in Tanahu Chapter of BDS and he was a popular journalist in Pokhara few years back. He used to write in Adharsha Samaj newspaper of Pokhara in early 1990.  He also worked in Formation and Communicaiton Department. He was the chief editor of Pun Hil newspaper.  After the affiliation with BDS Tanahu Chapter,it helped to establish his identity.