Rana files candidacy in the elections, Says: It is a victory of LGBTI community

Rupandehi (Pahichan) June 18 – Aanik Rana, a transgender, has filed nomination for ward chairman in the second phase local election that is taking place on June 28.She filed nomination in ward number 8 of Tilotama Municipality. She filed nomination from Naya Shakti Nepal.

After filing the candidacy, she said it is her victory. The officials of Election office said that she is the first person to file the candidacy disclosing gender identity. Yama Bahadur Rana Aanik Rana said,“In the elections victory or defeat is a normal process but I think my candidacy itself is a victory for me,” she said.

She said here candidacy will provide a further boost for the members of this community. “Not only indigenous, Janajati and Dalit, homosexual and transgender have given their candidacy it would contribute to bring changes towards gender and sexual minority,” said Rana.