Rawal requests LGBTI to invest in film making

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 27 – Film producer as well as actor Sunil Rawal urges that LGBTI people must come forward themselves for establishing their rights. He says that until and unless LGBTI people themselves do an effort, their rights will not be ensured well.

Rawal emphasizes on inclusion and positive presentation of LGBTI people in film sector. “When LGBTI people are not included in film sector and even if included are shown negatively, the related organization must show a concern on it.”, saya Rawal, “We need to invest on such movies that present LGBTI people positively and help in spreading awareness in the society. We must pay attention in it.”

The reason for exclusion of LGBTI in film sector is due to business. “There is a big investment in film sector. That is why which subject matter is most populous, that subject matter is selected for film making. That is why mostly the subject matter of movies are love and romance.”

Because LGBTI movies or LGBTI oriented movies are not popular in box office, so this issue is not paid much attention.