‘Ready to cooperate with LGBIT’

Makawanpur (Pahichan) March 1 – Women and Children Office of Makawanpur has made a commitment that it is ready to cooperate with gender and sexual minority. In a meeting with a delegation of Blue Diamond Society (BDS) Hetauda chapter, the office made such commitment. BDS team approached Women and Children Office to make a request to coordinate for the rights of homosexual and transgender as well as their capacity development.

“Along with gender and sexual minority, it is our responsibility to bring programs for women, children and disabled people,” said Officer Sobha Shah. “We fully support your campaign and journey, members of this community should get citizenship and same-sex marriage should be legalized,” she said.  Indira 2

According to her, there is a need of formulation of laws along with constitutional provisions.  She suggested members of this community to make their identity open stating that there are traditional mindsets about this community which needs to be changed.

“No one should object the same-sex marriage, instead it would add a brick in the construction of equal and just society,” she said. She said there are other alternatives to give birth to children. She asked to respect the aspiration of homosexual who are always willing to marry each other. She made a full commitment of providing assistances to LGBTI.