Ready to incorporate homosexual, transgender : Neupane

 Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 2 – Student wing of CPN (Maoist Centre) has expressed a commitment of incorporating the homosexual and transgender in its committee. Chairman of All Nepal Student Union (Revolutionary) Narendra Neupane made such commitment.

Speaking to Pahichan Radio Program, he said as constitution has addressed this community, the new statute of organization will address the concerns of this community.

He said gender and sexual minority should be organized to get their rights. “It would be easy for us, if they become organized,” he said adding that members of this community should be active.

He said they are ready to make their organization more inclusive and proportional. “You informed me about the new issue. I would like to express thanks. I need your help on how to move forward,” he said.

Neupane said his organization would be inclusive in district, federation and province. He said there is discrimination in colleges due to their separate identity. He said like male and female, members of this community are equal.