Ready to provide trainings to LGBTI : Maharjan

Ambika Dahal/Lalitpur (Pahichan) July 26 – Community Development Section of Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan has said that it would participate the gender and sexual minority in the capacity building trainings. Program Coordinator of the section Sarita Maharjan said members of gender and sexual minority could be incorporated in the training if they are keen to take such training.

“If homosexual, transgender and inter-sex will come with disclosing their identity, they could be incorporated in such trainings,” Maharjan said, “We need to empower them so we can provide them capacity building training like male and female,” said Maharjan.

She informed that they are organizing trainings targeting to single women, senior citizens among others. “Now, we will participate the people who have separate gender identity,” she said.
The section is providing vocational training and other awareness campaign.  “From next fiscal year, we will start the process of incorporating the gender and sexual minority will start,” she said adding that they are holding regular trainings through phone and other means.