Ready to register same-sex marriage : Koirala

Indira Neupane/Makawanur (Pahichan) November 1 – Ram Krishna Koirala ward- 16 Chairman of Hetauda Sub-metropolitan City has said that same-sex marriage could be registered. Speaking to Pahichan, Chairman Koirala said same-sex marriage could be registered within two hours after state formulates law.

“Homosexual and transgender are a part of society and there should not be discrimination,” said Koirala, adding that he is ready to provide any kinds of support to this community. Koirala urged the members of this community to disclose their identity

He said there is a need of spreading awareness about this community. Koirala said due to social reasons, members of this community mainly in rural areas are reluctant to disclose their identity.

He said no members of LGBTI have come into contact. He said power concentrated in Singhadurbar is yet to reach in the villages.

Koirala said he was working to address the issues of the people and now with being elected as ward chair, his responsibility has increased.  “I will build street, drinking water and shelter for the senior citizens,” he added.