Ready to sing songs about gender and sexual minority: Siwakoti

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 2 – Singer Rajanraj Siwakoti has said that he is ready to sing the songs that accommodate the aspirations of gender and sexual minority. Siwakoti said he has made an identity of singing the songs on separate issues and that carries the social message.

“It is a new and noble issue for me; there is a need of intensive study. But I can write and sing the songs,” he said, adding that he always prefers to sing songs that raises the social issues.

“I have covered several issues in my past songs such as Maoist insurgency, social superstition and women trafficking,” he said. “This issue has clicked me, I will think about it.

Members of this community are equal like others there is no need of discrimination on the basis of identity,” Siwakot said.  He said same-sex marriage should be legalized without any delay.

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