Ready to sing songs on gender and sexual minority : Singer Sharma

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 14 – Singer Pashupati Sharma has said that he could sing the songs accommodating the voices of homosexual and transgender. Speaking to Pahichan Radio program Sharma said he is the different singer than the others.

“It would be good if we incorporate the voices of gender and sexual minority in the songs,” said Sharma adding that he came to know about this community after talking with Pahichan.  “I always create a different creation than others; therefore I have built a separate identity. I hope we could inform society about homosexual and transgender,” said Sharma.

In comparison to previous years, according to Sharma, discrimination against this community has come down. “Members of this community are receiving passport. Their adjustment in society and family is becoming for comfortable which is a good,” Sharma said all things provided by god are natural so it is unjust to say it is unnatural.

He said there has been progress when Sunil Babu Pant became Constituent Assembly (CA) member. “Members of this community are fighting for their rights so I am hopeful that it will bring a change in people’s perspectives,” said Sharma.

Sharma said discrimination against this community will not come to an end until there is awareness in the society. He said all the people lend their support to end discrimination against the members of this community.