Ready to sing the songs of this community: Baral  


Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 23 – Singer Yam Baral has said that he is ready to sing the songs of homosexual and transgender. He is of the view that songs should  addresss the wider section of society.

“Songs and musics are the mirror of society. So that songs should accommodate all the secitons. The songs of homosexual and transgender should be formed,” Baral said, adding that if stakeholders are ready he is ready to sing songs.  “There is a need of investment in this sector. Only the wishes of singer is not sufficient which is also applicable in my case. I have heard the songs of this community in various countries. We should implement here,” said Baral.

He said all the human beings should get the rights without any prejudice. “If the organizaitons active in this field support, it would be easy for us,” said Baral.