Ready to take any measures to ensure the rights: Gurung

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 1 – Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung has said that she is ready to forge any types of compromise for the rights of gender and sexual minority. “I am ready to be naked in a civilized way for the rights of this community.

I am transgender women but my name is Sanjeev Gurung in my citizenship certificate,” said Gurung adding that she is ready to make compromise to get citizenship as per the identity.  Few days ago, when there was a hearing in Supreme Court, Judges asked about her identity.

“I seem like women but in my citizenship there is a name of male. I am facing such problems. So I want to ensure that members of this community would not face such problems,” Gurung said. She said that she is ready to go show the proof for the court. She is hopeful that with the Supreme Court verdict, members of this community would get the citizenship on the basis of identity.  “I have felt that we received full-fledge identity,” she said.

Advocate Sujan Panta who participated in the hearing in Supreme Court, said it is a milestone development for the gender and sexual minority. “It is a landmark decision made by Supreme Court to receive the citizenship as per the choices made by individual people,” said Panta.  Pant said government agencies are compelled to accept the decisions of Supreme Court. He said members of this community could correct their names as well as receive the citizenship as per the gender identity.