RPP-N pledges to appoint transgender in its Central Committee

Kailali (Pahichan) Maarch 13 – Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N) has expressed commitment to appoint a transgender member in its Central Committee. RPP-N Chairman Kamal Thapa made such commitment through Kailali District President of party Janak Kumari Kunwar.

“While talking with Manoj Shahi Monica, our Chairman has expressed commitment to allocate one seat for transgender in central committee,” said Kunwar. Kamal Thapa

“The commitment made by Chairman will be translated into action from next time,” said Kunwar. Kunwar also urged Shahi to become the coordinator of transgender in the nine far-western districts. “I have requested Monica to serve as coordinator of nine districts. I am ready to provide support. I will also ask my district presidents, they will support,” Kunwar said.

“My party is in favor of transgender. However, no one has come seeking help to ensure their rights, if they approach us, we are ready to create awareness campaign,” Kunwar said. Kunar said she knew about this community. “We have a good relation with them; I hope members of this community will disclose their identity. They should inform about their gender identity,” Kunar added.  Earlier, Naya Shakti appointed Pinky Gurung as a member of its Interim Council