Same-sex marriage has been registered for the first time in Nepal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 25 – In Dadeldhura district’s, far west of Nepal, same-sex couples (one identify as man and other is third gender) successful registered their marriage for the first time in the history of Nepal. The marriage has been registered at Parashurama municipality of Dadeldhura district.

While same-sex marriage law is still being considered at the parliament this marriage registration has been seen as extremely important. This ‘same-sex marriage officially-registered case’ is probably the first one in South Asia.

Monica Shahi from Kailali and Ramesh Nath from Dadeldhura district married and registered their marriage earlier today (25-07-2017). Monica Shahi is also the first third gender who get her first passport with gender denoted as ‘other’.
They married according to Hindu tradition. Ramesh Nath is already married to a woman and is father of two children. After finding out that her husband has fallen in love with Monica, Ramesh’s first wife consented to Ramesh to marry to Minoca.
She even facilitated the marriage ceremony and given written consent at the marriage registration office at the municipality office. It is interesting to note that the bureaucracy didn’t object to register this marriage despite no same-sex marriage law been passed yet.
Former CA Member and re known LGBTI activist Sunil Babu Pant has hailed this marriage as begining of new era and has congratulated newly married couple.