Same-sex marriage should be legalize : Singer Giri

Kathamndu (Pahichan) June 6 – Film Director and Singer Araj Keshav Giri has said that members of gender and sexual minority should not be presented as mock character in the film.

Speaking to Pahichan, he said members of this community are humorous and funny, and it could be the reasons for presenting themselves as mock characters. He said members of this community should not be presented in a negative way intentionally.

He said they should be projected like male and female. He underlined the need of legalizing the same-sex marriage if two people want to live together they should be provided such opportunity.

He said as other countries have legalized same-sex marriage and nation’s constitution has ensured the rights of this community, it is better to formulate laws to legalize same-sex marriage respecting the positive attitude towards this community.

“For creating an equitable society, members of this community should first disclose their identity. They should not feel hesitant. It will help to end discrimination,” said Giri