Same-sex marriage should be legalized : Adhikari

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 15 – Chairman of Amnesty International Surya Bahadur Adhikari has said that same-sex marriage should be legalized. The international body said like man and women, homosexual should get the rights of marriage. “I have heard that they are marrying, it should be legalized,” said Adhikari.

He said he is ready to support any activities that aim to ensure rights of gender and sexual minority. Adhikari said Amnesty is closely working with Blue Diamond Society. “We are in alliance during the time of disaster. During the time of constitution promulgation, we issued a press statement urging to ensure the rights of this community in the new constitution,” said Adhikari.

He said all people are equal in the eye of human rights asking all to treat transgender in an equal way. Adhikari, who is also Chairman of NPabson said members of this community should not face discrimination in schools.  “Our have knowledge about the members of this community,” said Adhikari.

There should not be discrimination against this community. Similarly, members of this community should not feel humiliation being transgender,” said Adhikari. Adhkari said he is ready to facilitate any activities launched by Society to inform teachers and students about this community. In a separate context, Adhikari said blockade should come to an end as soon as possible. Stating that India has violated our transit right, this issue should be internationalized.