Same-sex marriage should be legalized: NHRC

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 4 –  National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has said that same sex marriage should be legalized. Stating that lack of law would bring complexities in the society, NHRC said law should be formulated without any delay to legalize same-sex marriage.

 At a program organized by Blue Diamond Society, Section Officer of Commission Basudev Bajagai said due to lack of BDS, members of this community are compelled to marry with opposite sex sans their will.

“It might bring problems if they engage in sexual relationship both in home and outside the home,” said Bajagai. Stating that members of this community are facing discrimination, Bajagai said Commission is responsible to make all concerned stakeholders accountable.

He said complaints lodged at Commission have been taken seriously. In the program titled, “Participating in Round Table Discussions on Legal Gender Recognition in Nepal,” Joint Secretary at Ministry of Education Hari Lamsal informed that issues of this community have been incorporated in curricula and other educational trainings.LGBTI 2

According him, there is a need of amendment of education act. He suggested making efforts for the structural change to alter the negative mindset of people.

Gyan Bahadur Magar of Department of Passport informed that 12 people have received passport on the basis of their gender identity. He made it clear that there are not any problems to distribute citizenship on the basis of identity. He said like in citizenship, there are not problems in passport.

Bharat Sharma of Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare informed that Ministry is working to end discrimination against this community. Sharma said they are preparing to hold an interaction to inform the people at policy level about this community.

According to him, members of this community have already received vocal trainings. Sharma said they are talking with Law Ministry about the same-sex marriage report in order to transform it into law.

Chairman of BDS Pinki Gurung said members of this community are still facing hassles to get citizenship on the basis of their gender identity. She informed that she has started preparations to get citizenship on the basis of gender identity.

Executive Director of BDS Manisha Dhakal said with the citizenship the name of the people should be changed. “However, it is not possible to change if you have already taken citizenship,” Dhakal said.

Transgender Aanika Rana it is a matter of humiliation that Supreme Court has not given verdict regarding the case on identity-based citizenship which was filed two years ago. “Why the case related to transgender does not get priority in the court? Rana questioned. Transgender Badri Pun government should provide employment to this community instead of providing high-sounding speeches about this community. Pun is second people to receive citizenship on the basis of identity.

Transgender rights activists Bhakti Shah said Nepal Army expelled him from the job being transgender. “Members of this community should not be denied from job. “It is a welcome move to get citizenship on the basis of identity; however, it was not possible to change the name,” Shah said.

Advocate Hari Phuyal said the existing legal framework will be changed as per the new provisions in the constitution. Advocate Prem Bahadur said there is a need of continuous pressure to implement such provisions. Advocate Sujan Panta said there is a need to pressurize the stakeholders to formulate laws as soon as possible. Sanjaya Sharma, day project coordinator of BDS said all the people should provide assistance to ensure the rights of this community.