Same-sex marriage should be legalized : Subba

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 25 – Former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba has said that if her growing children turn male gay, male or Trans women, it will be acceptable for her.  Subba made such statement addressing LBT conference of Trans male.

“My son is growing. I am not only teaching him sports and courageous works, but also giving teaching about make-up,” she added. She is of the view that children should get the opportunity of growing and accepting habits as per their personal wishes. She came to know about this community ten years ago and she is never positive about it.

She said one of her friend faced a struggle to convince her family about Trans identity. According to her, about 90 percent members of this community are not able to express their views. Subba said living together should be legalized. “The same-sex marriage and living together should be legalized,” Subba said. She said people at policy-making level should seriously think about such issues.