Seek a political solution : Pant says

Kathmandu(Pahichan) September 24 – Former lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant has urged the political parties to hold talks with Madhes-based parties and Tharu in order to address their political concerns. Pant also urged not to adopt other means than the peaceful dialogue to achieve the goals.

“We should not allow escalating the conflict,” Pant said adding that use of force would create the complications. “The genuine demands of people can not be suppressed. The impractical slogans of nationalism will take us no where,” he said. “Nepali leaders bow before India to fulfill their demands but they go against India if their interests are not fulfilled.”

According to him such tendencies have given pain to Nepali people. According to him, leaders should address the genuine demands of people instead of putting blame on India.

Pant asked to avoid the blames stating it would hurt the dignity of Gautam Buddha. He said as parties are delaying to address the demands of parties, there is infiltration to make the protests violent. Pant made such statement at a time when the movement of Tharu and Madhesi community is going on and there is a BackofInda campaign in social sites.