Government and Parliament to ensure the rights of this community : BDS

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 1 – Blue Diamond Society has said that for the practical implementation of rights of gender and sexual minority, there is a need of formulation of laws as soon as possible. According to BDS, though constitution has clearly stipulated the rights of this community, there is an urgent need of formulation of laws.

“The constitution has mentioned our rights but constitution is an abstract document. We need laws as soon as possible,” Chairman of BDS Pinki Gurung said. “I am hopeful that all concerned people will lend the support,” said Gurung. The earlier six constitutions have not mentioned the rights of this community. The constitution has ensured that citizenship would be provided on the basis of identity and equal rights would be provided and there will be representation of this community. Gurung said it is responsibility of government and Parliament to ensure the rights of this community.

“Parliament is an elected body so they should not discriminate anyone in the society. In the formal and informal meetings we are pressing them to them. Pahichan Radio is also playing a vital role in this regard,” said Gurung. Gurung said ongoing protests in Madhes are affecting this community and that should be resolved as soon as possible.

“We have not received fuel market because we do not have contact with businessmen. So we are facing problems,” said Gurung. According to her, there are positive changes in the society towards this society. “Now, police would not arrest the members of this community when they walk in the street, there is police vigilance on the people working in night,” Gurung said. “I do not think any profession itself would be bad. I do not think sex profession is bad but it would not affect the people,” Gurung said.