Shah first transgender journalists to get press pass under O category

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 16 – Department of Information for the first time has distributed press pass keep the record of transgender. Bhakti Shah received the press pass mentioning O category in the documentation of Department of Information.  Till now, only male and female have received press pass. 

BhaktiAccording to Dilli Rajaram Sigdel said Shah is the first person to receive press pass under O category.  He urged Shah to create an atmosphere who still do not want to conceal their identity and living under fear in the society. He thanked Shah for receiving press pass under O category. He expressed happiness for coming office to document their identity.

He also urged the journalists of this community to receive press pass without any hesitation. Section office of Mitharam Humagain said it is a matter of happiness that transgender journalists are disclosing their identity.  He said in the press pass, the gender would not be disclosed but it would be documented in the office. He said he feels happy to mentioned O in the record file of Department of Information.

Bhakti Shah received press pass in the name of which is imparting information on news, views and other activities concerning homosexual and transgender. Shah is correspondent.  Former Lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant said it is a matter of happiness that journalists have come out with their identity to ensure the identity of this community. He praised the progressive step taken by Department of Information.