Significant achievements in the last one and half-decade: Dhakal

Kathmandu(Pahichan) August 12 – Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal has said that in the last one and a half decade significant achievement has been made to secure the rights of sexual and gender minorities. Speaking at a meeting of non-governmental organizations operating at Kathmandu District, Dhakal said it is a great achievement to “mention sexual orientation and no discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation” in draft of constitution.

At the section of Fundamental Rights and Obligation of Citizen of draft constitution, it is mentioned that there shall not be discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Distribution of passport mentioning O category and distribution of citizenship mentioning the same provision are the great achievements.” State has started to distribute citizenship and passports to the transgender like me, it is a great achievement for our organization,” Dhakal said.

According to her, allocation of budget by Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare are other achievements. She also acknowledged the contribution made by various government offices and donor agencies. She informed that in the fiscal year 2071\72, Society has expended money in the prevention of HIV, treatment social, income generation activities, vocational training among others.

In the review meeting, Chief District Office Eknarayan Aryal said NGOs that received a lot of grant from donor agencies are failing to maintain transparency. Aryal said instead of social services, NGOs are making profits. He requested profit-making organization not to renew their organization. He said after April 25 earthquakes, donor agencies failed to play an effective role. In the meeting, some organizations failed to make their income and expenditure clear. Society, however, provided clear and satisfactory details of income and expenditure.