Singer Baba ready to sing songs about gender and sexual minority

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 20 – Pop Singer Baba Pakhrin has said that he will sing songs highlighting the voices of gender and sexual minority. Speaking to Radio program Pahichan, he committed to raise the demands of homosexual and transgender in his future songs.

“I do not know in details about this community so write some songs for me, I am ready to sing them,” he said adding that he is not in his profession only for name and fame. “I am singing songs which have accommodated the pains of earthquake, national aspirations. I am also singing sons against drug addictions, you can judge yourself after singing them,” she said. I want to do something different so I will sing songs of homosexual and transgender.”

He said like the sings of various castes, community, religion and gender, there should be songs of sexual and gender minority. He said he would have sung the songs if some had advised him earlier about this community. There are negative are negative attitude in the society about this community.

Asked what he thinks about it, he said: I do not think any abnormal; I think homosexual and transgender are like ordinary people. The only differences are gender. He underlined the need of positive mindset of the people about this community. He said homosexual and transgender in this sector should make efforts for change. He said efforts of some individual and society is not possible to change society.