Sit-in protests outside Department of Health demanding resumption of services

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 13 – HIV infected people have organized sit-in protest outside Department of Health Teku stating that treatment process has been affected. They chanted the slogan outside the office after government stopped the treatment that began from early fiscal year this year. They demanded to resume the treatment without any delay, to provide condoms lubricant, and implement of agreement reached with organization that provides treatment.

HIV 11They also demanded the resignation of Chief of National AIDS and Prevention Center. Homosexual and transgender said people should not be killed and they should not be kicked out denying from treatment. They urged to stop the political interferences in the center. A team led by Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinki Gurung, Executive Director Manisha Dhakal warned to stage nation-wide protests if their demands are not addressed.

BDS Chairman Gurung said around 6, 00000 HIV infected people have been denied from treatment due to the dilly-dallying of the Center. Similarly, around 4,000 homosexual and transgender have not received salary since six months. Dhakal said they are staging sit-in against the negligence of government.HIV 33

Due to this homosexual, transgender, migrant workers and drug-users are badly affected. World Bank has pledged to provide assistance but government has not called tender for the same purpose. If government fails to start process within four days, there is a situation of resuming the process from zero.

Dipendraman Singh, Director of Center said the process has not stopped due to the provisions of public procurement act. He said treatment process will begin after the consultation with stakeholders. Due to the dilly-dallying of Center, government’s plan to decrease the HIV case to zero by 2030 has been badly affected.