Social work students keen to know about LGBTI

Anuska Bhujel/Sunsari (Pahichan) April 10 – Social Work students of Namuna College, Sunsari visited the branch office of Blue Diamond Society located at Ithari. They came to office to know about homosexual and transgender. They asked several questions related to LGBTI.

Coordinator of Sahara Samaj, Suman Tamang informed about BDS and its branches operating in various districts. He also informed about five categories of this community and constitutional provisions and the activities launched by BDS.

He informed that people who are born with female sexual organ but grown up with features and behavior of male are called male transgender. “I was born as a daughter, I am living with a female since nine years,” Tamang said explaining about bio-sexual, homosexual, transgender, lesbians among others. Students also asked about the number of this community.

Binod Wagle of BDS said that there has not been any census about this community so there is not actual number. According to World Health Organization report this community makes up 8 to 10 percent of total population.  Wagle also informed about the proper of use of condoms to prevent HIV infections.

Students also asked why members of this community face discrimination as they look like male or female.  “As they are attracted to same-sex, they face difficulties in the society,” Wagle said. Students said they will again come to ask about his community stating that they received a lot of information. “We will share our knowledge with other friends in our college,” students said.