Society gradually acknowledging homosexual, transgender

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 29 – Usually, the mass society divides gender under two categories: one male another female. Traditionally, society has recognized these two genders. Therefore, government is teaching about female and male in schools and universities.  

But, there is a gradual change in the society. State has already begun this process. In the curriculum of grade 6, 7 and 8, there is a provision of transgender along with male and female in the society.

The issue of transgender is incorporated in the gender study of master degree. However, due to the low number of students, the gender study has not effective.  “However, it could be taken in a positive,” said Deputy Director Parshuram Rai.  BDS is working in this field since 15 years. “It is a beginning, so we should take in a positive way,” said Rai.  “I hope the issue of this community will be incorporated in other levels,” said Rai.form final

In the recent times, there has been positive understanding about this community in the society. It is positive development that in various organizations and business firm have started to mention others along with male and female.

The immigration Department has mentioned O along with male and female.  Similarly, Ncell and Telecom have incorporated O category in the forms. Government has already begun the process of distributing citizenship and passport mentioning O category.

These are the evidences that society is gradually accepting the identity of gender and sexual minority. In the eight general assembly of NGO Federation, Rai was identified as transgender in the representative form which made Rai happy. “Look, transgender has been mentioned in this form, I want to see whether it has been mentioned in organization’s statute,” Rai said.  NGO Federation has formed a new working committee for the next three years. This community is upbeat after new constitution ensures the rights of gender and sexual minority. Before Nepal, South African constitution has mentioned the rights of this community.