Society is gradually accepting homosexuals, transgender: Thulung

Kathmandu(Pahichan) August 25 – Singer Surya Thulung has said that it is a surprise that homosexual and transgender are still facing discrimination in the society.

He said that it is sad to discriminate anyone on the basis of their sexual identity.  “Time is rapidly changing so the society is. It is not good to discriminate anyone on the basis of their different sexual identity,” said Thulung.

He said discrimination against homosexuals and transgender has been very low in the society in comparison to past. “I think many people have begun to take it positively.

“Like man and women, homosexual and transgender to play an effective role to get the rights in the society,” he said. He said all the sections of society should assist this community to secure their rights.

“Even if the rights of this community is addressed in the constitution, it could be difficult to practice those rights,” he said adding that singers and artists have not yet invested in the songs and other activities that would promote the rights of gender and sexual minorities.  “After the society and people understand this community, we will start to construct songs in favor of this community,” he said adding that new constitution should ensure the rights of this community.