Society is gradually accepting LGBTI : Legal experts

Bhaktapur (Pahichan) December 26 – Legal Eagles have said that society is gradually accepting gender and sexual minority. Speaking at a program organized by Blue Diamond Society with legal experts, they said society has not totally accepted this community.

Former Chairman of Nepal Bar Association Sher Bahadur KC said human rights of gender and sexual minority should be secured. KC is of the view that NBA never officially asked to remove gender orientation from draft of constitution. He said NBA is always ready to support for the preservation of this community.

Former Attorney General Hari Phuyal said being homosexual and transgender is a natural phenomenon and society is gradually accepting it. Even Russian and Chinese are positive about this community and democrats are even liberal about this community. Many people come to take counseling from us, he said. Advocate Bhuwan Niraula said there are problems in the implementation of constitutionally accepted rights.

Diwa Project Program Coordinator of BDS Sanjaya Sharma said members of this community are denied from job in the government agencies and private. Sharma said some members of this community have chosen sex as their profession.

He said majority members of this community are self-employed. Advocate Rita Simkhada said though the rights of this community is mentioned, law has not been formulated. Advocate Surya Bahadur Gurung said there is gradual change in social perspectives towards gender and sexual minority.

Advocate Sujan Panta said all legal eagles are not positive about the gender and sexual minority. He said transgender word began from Nepal.

High Court BAR Association Chairman Major Thapa said a lot of knowledge has been gathered from two-day discussions. He said such discussions should be continued.