Society is yet to understand gender and sexual minority : Singer Yogi

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 2 – Singer Shishir Yogi has said that there is no need of taking gender and sexual minority in a different way in the society. Yogi said transgender is also a form of nature and should be taken in a normal way. Singer Yogi said there is still a large chunk of people who properly do not understand the members of this community.

 “There is a lack of clear knowledge about the gender and sexual minority in Nepal and people are discriminating on the basis of tradition,” said Yogi.  Yogi said discrimination against this community would come to an end after there is better understanding about this community in the society. Yogi said he has not discriminated anyone on the basis of their gender identity.

“I am ready to sing songs of this community if needed,” Yogi said adding that there is a need of continuous struggle to ensure the rights of gender and sexual minority. He said that along with rights members of his community should feel their responsibility.

He advised not to do any mistakes which would weaken the movement. Stating that only mentioning of rights in the constitution is not sufficient, he advised to continuously work to ensure the rights of this community.  Yogi is preparing to come up with a new album that highlights the contemporary political scenario.