Songs that aims to create awareness must get priority : Singer Saput

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 3 – Singer Prakash Saput has said that due to fear of professionalism, members of this community are reluctant to sing songs. He was of the view that audience like those songs which has the contents of love so the same songs are in priority.

“Due to the fear of professionalism, singers do not prefer to sing songs. Songs are prepared only after identifying the prospects of viewers,” said Prakash. “Members of this community fear that audience may not like the songs of this community,” he added.

He compared the Nepali market with Bollywood saying that songs that aim to create social awareness are shadowed. He said stakeholders should support the songs relating to creating awareness.

He said songs that aim to create awareness in the society must be given the priority. “Songs that aims to transform the society and creates awareness touches me. We can play role for the social transformations,” said Saput.