Stakeholders to work together to secure human rights of LGBTI

Kaski (Pahichan) September 11 – In National Consultative Meeting (NCM) held in Pokhara, there has been agreement among stakeholders to work together in the field of human rights. Lawmakers, government officials, representatives of Nepal Police, representatives of donor agencies and transgender agreed to work together in the field human rights.

The program was moderated by Advocate Sujan Pant was attended by various people working in the field. Similarly, Kopila KC and Kumar Rai was panelist in the program. In the program, Advocate Pant raised questions about dilly-dallying of National Human Rights Commission and discriminatory behavior of Nepal Police.

“There have been 202 cases of violence in 2016 in the five countries of South Asia,” said Bhakti Shah who handles the Sahara project of Blue Diamond Society related to Human rights. “There is not proper response from National Human Rights Commission and police administration on the cases related to human rights of gender and sexual minority,” said Shah.

He underlined the need of working together among stakeholders to end such scenario. Mohan Kafle, Pokhara Regional Representative of NHRC informed that they are working in consultation with LGBTI in the local level.

In the past, NHRC focused more on the rights related to politics, now we are focusing more on economic, social and cultural rights, said Kafle. Regional Coordinator of Informal Service Centre Shiva Khakurel said they are accommodating gender and sexual minority in each and every sector.

“We have kept members from gender and sexual minority in our board,” said Khakurel. Transgender Kopila KC said in some cases police is providing justice, while in other cases; police is involved in violence against transgender. Homosexual women Kumari Rai said she was forced to leave her job due to the discrimination in workplace.

Police Official Basanta Sharma said it is the duty of police to implement the law. “All people should help police to implement law. We LGBTI are equal in law,” said Sharma. Sharma said police could use force in some cases to implement the law.