State should ensure employment to us : Transgender

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 27 – Chadani Sharma of Sunsari is a dancer by profession.  Her identity is transgender women. She usually lives in Birgunj and she dances there and makes money. She supports her family from her earning. She was born as son.

However, she was decorated with the character of daughter in course of time. In the initial days, she herself was unaware about her identity. Later, she knew that she was transgender and she transformed herself as a girl. There is a gradual change in the social view towards gender and sexual minority.

Now, members of this community are receiving citizenship as per their gender identity. She is of the view that along with rights members of this community should get employment and other economic opportunities. She was there should be positive attitude of society and family members.  Puja is also adopting the same profession and she passed through the same situation.

She was unaware about her identity. She used to use the cosmetic and dresses of her mother.  It was not easy to live in society with different identity. She, however, did not conceal her identity and she exposed herself. She is wearing the dresses as per the wishes and dealing with society.

Now, Society has totally accepted her. Al the members of transgender face same problem. She also urged to ensure employment to the members of this community. “Soon after society knows our identity, we will be expelled from our employment. Such state should come to an end,” she said.