Stern action if sexual minorities are abused in workplaces

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 15- A bill tabled in Parliament has proposed strict action against those who abuse or undermine the women and third gender in working places.  A bill designed to prevent sexual harassment in the work place does not allow touching the women appreciating their outer beauty in the public places with ill-intention.  

The bill has proposed a penalty of three months in prison or a fine of Rs. 25,000 or both in case anyone of proved of committing sexual harassment against women and third gender in the workplace.

The provision of bill states that males are not allowed for verbal abuse in the public and working places, said UML lawmaker Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel. Earlier, it was usual for the chiefs of any offices to touch the hands of women and third gender but new law prohibits from doing so.

Talking to Pahichan, Pokhrel said along with writing a progressive constitution the existing laws should be made more progressive and more contextual. He said even the Supreme Court has given verdict in favor of third gender. He, however, said civil and criminal codes have not addressed the issues of third gender.

He said all should accept the reality of third gender. “The number of third gender is gradually increasing, if the people with third gender are in wrong track they should be brought into a mainstream through reformation,” said Pokhrel.

 He said many lawmakers have registered amendment proposal in the bill demanding that there should not be any discrimination on the basis of gender and state should adopt the policy of equality to all citizens.  “The new act will establish the identity and rights of sexual minorities,” he said. He said CPN-UML is not against the minority gender. He assured that country will get the country by January 22.