Suman challenges to knock the door of Supreme Court if visa is denied

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 13 – Homosexual women Suman Pant has challenged to knock the door of Supreme Court if the couple is not granted visa to live Nepal. Speaking to Pahichan, Suman said government should treat the members of this community as per the constitutional provisions.

Pant who was studying in America married with women when she was in America. After returning to Nepal, the couple has wished to Nepal and applied for visa. The department of immigration, however, has forwarded the file to Ministry of Home Affairs stating that I cannot decide.

“We came to Nepal with a with a purpose of working in food security and for the rights of women,” said Pant. Suman’s partner’s visa is expiring in May, and she cannot live in Nepal if visa is not extended. Suman said if state has willpower it can arrange the legal provision of living in Nepal.  “Nepal is a leading country in south Asia when it comes to the rights of minority group. When the rights of this community were written, I had shared with eight people,” said Suman.

He is of the view that this generation is gradually positive about this community but it would take time to change the total mindset. “I came to know my identity when I was 13 years old. All members of this community should not be taken in a same way stating that members of this community have multiple partners,” said Suman.