SWC probe refutes allegations leveled against BDS

Kathmandu (Pahichan), December 15 – The Social Welfare Council (SWC) has refuted the allegations of corruption and Irregularities leveled against the Blue Diamond Society (BDS), an orgaisation working for LGBTI rights, and its founder Sunil Babu Pant.

probe panel formed by the SWC to look into the case has recently submitted its report satating that the allegation of corruption and irregularities against BDS and Pant were communicated with prejudicial purpose, according BDS.

Issuing a press release, BDS has said it welcomes the probe report that rebuts ‘malicious allegations’. “It is the matter of pleasure for BDS, sexual minority communities and our well-wishers.  It has also proved that truth never dies,” reads the statement issued by the BDS President SanjibGurung (Pinky) and Acting Director SubenDhakal (Manisha).

The report submitted to SWC by the head of the probe panel Shiva Kumar Basnet and a member ShyamTamang has also admired the efforts of BDS to recognise sexual and gender minority communities and works for their benefits.

The BDS in its statement further says the sexual and gender minority communities across the country were saddened after some people ‘for their own vested interest’ attempted to foil the movement of LGBTI people and rights activist Pant.

According to the organisation, the then Kathmandu Chief District Officer Chudamani Sharma, in the incitement of imited people with prejudicial mindset to defame the sole organistion of sexual and gender minorities in the country, had denied renewing the registration of the Society for long resulting a funding gaps and demoralization of over 750 of our full-time staff across the country and interference in our HIV prevention and other care services.

After the Kathmandu District Administration Office cited that a former Constituent Assembly member Panta violated the law by receiving salaries from the government and non-government sources simultaneously, had returned returned his salary that he drew as a lawmaker.

Meanwhile, the BDS has also urged the concerned authorities to bring those people, who made malicious allegation on the organisation and its founder Sunil Babu Pant, to the book.