Take LGBTI movement to grass-root level : Subedi

Binod BC/Rupandehi (Pahichan) November 1 – Transgender Shital Subedi has said that issues of gender and sexual minority should be taken in the grass-root level.

Subedi who is working in district chapter of Blue Diamond Society said that rights campaign should not be concentrated only in urban areas and should be taken to grass-root level.

According to her, most of members of this community in grass-root level are reluctant to disclose their identity. Subedi said she is disclosing her identity and her family are happy with her.

Speaking to Pahichan, Subedi said Pahichan Radio program is playing a vital role in the fights against social injustice and discrimination against gender and sexual minority.

She said media is not paying sufficient attention to the issues of gender and sexual minority. She suggested media to raise the issues of this community.